Stonehill utilizes our 希尔警告 emergency notification 系统 to quickly 和 efficiently communicate with the campus community via text message—as well as through email or a phone call—in case of an emergency on campus.

Provide your cell phone number

To setup 希尔警告 to be sent to your phone, you must login to myHill 和 provide your cell phone number in a specific "细胞" phone field.

Updating Addresses & 电话号码

Follow the instructions below to review 和 update your home address 和 phone numbers to receive 希尔警告. 

1. Login to myHill

学生 员工

2. 上空盘旋 学生 in the Global 导航 bar 和 select 学者 from the drop-down.

2. 上空盘旋 员工 in the Global 导航 bar 和 select 资源 from the drop-down.

  • 选择“我的资料" under Student Information on the left.
  • 点击“Edit/View Addresses 和 Phones“在左边。.
  • 选择“My Employment Profile" under Employment Information on the left.
  • 点击“我的资料”按钮.
  • 点击 the pencil symbol  in the Phones section.

3. 点击 当前的Permanent/Legal address type to change your home address or one of your personal phone numbers. 的 Update Address 和 Phones page will be displayed. Do not change the dates in the 有效的从Until This Date 字段.

4. If necessary, update your address by typing over your existing address.

Important for Cell Phone Users

While you may consider your cell phone your "Primary Phone Number" (Step 5), for the purposes of 希尔警告 it MUST be entered as "手机类型 "细胞" (步骤6).

You may enter it in both 字段 if you choose.

5. 的 "Primary Phone Number" field is the data 希尔警告 uses to try 和 text or call you. If your cell phone is your primary phone number, please enter it here 遵循 步骤6.

通常, a home phone or "l和line" for your address should be entered into the "Primary Phone Number For This Address" field found immediately below your address information. Be sure to enter the area code 和 phone number in their appropriate boxes.

Update Address

6. In the first field under 手机类型中,选择 细胞 from the drop-down menu 和 enter your cell phone area code 和 phone number into the corresponding 字段.

最后的通知: 细胞 phone type is used to receive text message alerts to your cell phone using the 希尔警告 系统. Make sure that this is the first field 下 手机类型 list to ensure you receive all 希尔警告.

 Add 细胞Phone

7. Once you have completed the changes, just click on the 提交 button at the bottom of the page.

8. You'll be brought back to the Update Addresses 和 Phones page, at which point you can continue to modify another address type, navigate back to 我的资料 (students) or My Employee Profile (员工), or close the browser tab.

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact

Duffy 学术 Center – 21(on basement level)

的 Department of Information Technology provides college-wide technology services to Stonehill students, faculty 和 staff.